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Mission Statement


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Our main aim is to win the children for Jesus Christ and through them their families. All parents love their children  and they spend time with them to know their natural abilities or talents. When these children sing a song / dance to a gospel song / tell some memory verses or stories, surely, it has great impact on them. Whenever, we cross these children's house, they shout " Praise the Lord, Uncle. Please, come and pray." Through these children we have contact with their parents and many families have received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Our ministries in this area are:

(1) Conducting special classes for these children on Saturdays and Sundays.

(2) Assisting them in getting admissions in schools.

(3) Providing them uniforms/text books/monthly fees...etc.

(4) Teach them spiritual/moral/social values.

(5) Ensure their presence in local churches.

At present, we have contact with 320 children around Vijanapura & Banaswadi areas of Bangalore City.


Youth are very effective and fruitful for good when they are in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ. The converse also true. They are effective and fruitful for evil when they fall into the snares of satan. In India, families mainly depend on the youth / their education / their job and their income. If an elder of a family is an irresponsible person, then the whole family will suffer. The elder boy's words have more weightage in the family. We concentrate on these youth. We maintain friendship with them.( Even if they live their parents or staying alone in hostels ). We inform them about job opportunities and also help them to get a job for their own survival. We encourage them in self-employment schemes. We pray for them and introduce them the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. We always extend the possible financial helps to outstation youth who have come to Bangalore to find a suitable job.. Apart from that we never forget to invite them to our local churches and established youth fellowship. We teach them the purpose of life and challenge them to lead a Godly life. Many youth are encouraged through this ministry and they shine for Jesus Christ and involve in His ministry.


By the grace of our God, we have achieved major progress in this area. Whenever, we find new souls, we encourage them to hold a cottage prayer once in a week or once in a month. With their help and influence, we invite their neighbours to attend the meeting. Many received miracles and experience the true living God. God miraculously converted two care cells into small churches. Each Church has 30 members with their independent Pastors. This year we established three new care cells by June end, 2002. This is our effective ministry. Our aim is to establish at least one care cell in each street. Please, pray for this.


Our God has given us wisdom to counsel the people. The LORD God has given us the tongue of the learned, that we should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. Through this ministry many people received Our Lord JESUS CHRIST as their personal Saviour and their lives have been changed. Many have been delivered from the bondages of satan. We are always available to show our Christian love and compassion.


We have distributed thousands of tracts and booklets at colleges, hospitals and apartments. Thousands of New Testaments were distributed to non-believers. We continue to do this by the grace of our Lord JESUS CHRIST.


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